Thursday, April 12, 2012

When You Miss Him and He Misses You.

Undeniably, even if I've said that long distance relationships can be fun, most of the time it is actually sad. It is really sad. It's sad because there are times when you wish your partner was there with you.

There will be times when you wish your partner could help you choose on what outfits would look good on you or help you out when you need anything. Especially when you are craving for a certain food and it's in the middle of the night or early morning! It will always be these random moments when you wish for a partner who you know would never say NO to you. (like driving for you haha.) :))

There will be times when you wish your partner could have been there especially in special occasions in your life. Birthdays?Valentines Day? Graduation Day? Anniversaries? Name it! I missed most of it. Like for us, his birthday falls on February so I couldn't come home because I have classes back in college. Valentines Day is a normal day for us that up to this day I could really say that we have NEVER celebrated Valentines Day together. That totally sucks right? That is why I always always look forward to celebrating Valentines day in the future. I've always imagined a romantic dinner date and all those cheesy stuffs. haha! Graduation Day- I missed it. He missed mine, too! haha. But of course you wished he was there with you on that day. Finally, our anniversary! Can you believe that we were just able to celebrate our anniversary together ONCE? and that was only on our seventh year! Pathetic. I can't blame you if you question me like 'why have anniversaries if you can't be or together or why enter in this useless relationship, etc.' Simple. Because in a  long distance relationship, you could always celebrate in other days. At least you have an excuse if you are out of budget or you forget to plan your anniversary date! haha. ;)

So there, when the time comes that you miss each other, hit the Skype button or call him up instead of looking for another woman/man! haha. It is like getting sick. When you are sick, you look for the right med. You just don't look for ANY med. hahaha.OMG my analogy is way too weird. HAHA.


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