Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Long Distance Relationship SUCKS.

I agree and disagree. Yes, while it is true that long distance relationship sucks, it is not always that way. Long distance relationships can be totally fun! and I'm telling you why!

1.) I DON'T have to fetch or see anyone all the time!

Save the time and effort of having to see or fetch your partner everyday of your life. Yes, it sounds so sweet but it is just not practical and too hassle. (I bet guys would agree with this.) I don't know but I just think that it is boring? hahaha lol. And besides, the distance allows you to live your life the way you want it too. You can go to the mall or anywhere you want with your friends without having to bring your partner all the time. Your guy can play basketball and computer games on weekends (because there's no scheduled dates!), etc. Not so much pressure. ;)

2.) It is just EXCITING and REFRESHING.

It feels exciting when  you don't see each other all the time.:))  At least, you know that the next time you'll meet again, it will be really exciting. HAHA. Seriously! You'll have endless chats and stories to catch up for, so many things to share about your individual lives and stuffs like that. Plus, aren't you excited of how your partner would look like? Have he gained/lost weight? Is he so macho now? Does he look good? Things like this. You would even notice if he has new things! So yeah, it will totally freshen up the relationship. ;)

3.) It is a test of TRUE LOVE.

Yikes, cheesy eh? But true. Not all people are willing to be in this kind of relationship. And not all people who are in a long distance relationship could survive this kind of set-up for YEARS. So if you are in a long distance relationship for years now, congratulations! But keep in mind that being in this kind of relationship is a battle you have to fight for everyday. :p

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