Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Hottest Issues in a Long Distance Relationship

just made fun of the title. it sounds like showbiz news.  LOL.

Okay. So now that you are away from each other, you've cried a thousand rivers, and your getting dark circles in your eyes because of sleepless nights, what's next? Well, you'll be okay. Eventually, feelings will get back to normal. Normal which means that you'll experience happiness, kilig, and once in a while- petty fights. 

I listed down the most common fights (based on my experience) in our own long distance relationship. You might be able to relate to this! ;)

1.) You have no time for me/You are not happy with me anymore./You are cold to me. Bla bla bla. HAHA.

Sometimes, being in a long distance relationship makes you insecure because you are away from him. But actually, I guess this is just a normal complaint usually by the girls. It is just a way of telling your guy that 'hey i miss you.' 

Advice: You know what guys, don't make it as an excuse that since your girl is far from you, you won't do anything sweet anymore. Sometimes, it will really really make us feel loved if you do even the simplest thing- like posting a sweet random message or whatsoever. Surprise us once in a while please! Hahaha.

2.) The people around you.

It could be your family, your colleagues, your friends, etc. The people around you can actually be an issue in your relationship. Well, just to share, my partner and I have our own circle of friends. We were not classmates to begin with, we were not neighbors and we went to different colleges.So you would not expect us to have a same group of friends. (although we share a few common friends). This poses the real challenge because you don't really know who your partner hangs out with, how they are or whatsoever. At the same time, his friends might not know you. So what happens is that there are times wherein it will make you feel that you don't exist. And there will be times that you'd feel awkward about it. and I'd like to stop before your curiosity bothers you. LOL. ;p

Advice: Once in a while, talk about your partner. You know, if you really love your partner,  you ain't afraid to show and tell the world how much you love her. It is not really about bragging about your partner, but somehow, making his/her presence felt through your stories. Your family, colleagues, or friends may not have met your partner. So might as well, introduce her even through their thoughts.In that way, your friends will REMEMBER that you have a partner even when it is not physically obvious. :)

Also, if there is anything I learned from this, it is the value of having a good support system. I really encourage you guys to have a common circle of friends where you can have people to turn to when you're fighting or what and will support your relationship by giving you sound advice. 

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