Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Preparing for the Long Distance

Now if both of you are WILLING to make your relationship work in a long distance way, then you must do a lot of preparations. I know you can always google it and you'll see a lot of really good suggestions. But here is just my own short list that works for us and might work for you!


Trust your partner. Trust that he will hold on to your relationship on his free will and not because he is forced to. Remember what I told you in my previous blog? It is always a choice. Perhaps the reason why some long distance relationships don't work is because in the first place, it was never their will. Perhaps they were just trapped in this kind of situation. So you can't really blame why along the way feelings get cold, they meet someone else, etc.  

Note: This is easy to say but requires a lot of conscious and subconscious effort! haha. Why so? Because along the way, your mind will doubt it. There will be a lot of suspicions. You'll constantly fight the battle between your mind and heart. So prepare. <3


No matter what mode you choose, the most important thing is you communicate. As for us, it may sound so clingy and boring, but we text EVERYDAY. Seriously, for seven years now, we constantly text every single day! You might be thinking right now that that is a stupid idea. That I am an obsessed girlfriend or that I require my partner to report to me all the details of his whereabouts and etc. Well, that is not really the intention here. The intention is to fill that missing gap. Sometimes, when you text, chat, or call your partner, it makes him/her feel your presence. It makes him/her feel that you care. And most importantly, it keeps you updated. You don't want that the next time you meet again, you are strangers to each other, right? I tell you, it is not boring. It is not something that will choke him up as long as you do it in a subtle and creative way! Drop the text templates and boring questions. ;)


Wherever you are, bring along with you good and happy memories of each other. May it be through the gifts you give, the letters you wrote, pictures, videos,music, whatsover! For me, I brought along the huge teddy bear he gave me during our anniversary, a bone pillow, lots of pictures!, videos, letters, gifts, etc! haha. My sister would never understand why I keep even the least things such as the paper bags and movie tickets! She says I'm a hoarder! But who cares? I don't really mind especially if just by looking at these little abubots it will remind you of the time that you were happy together. Perhaps setting your fun and wacky picture as your wallpaper will be a good idea. :)


Pray not that your boyfriend will not fool around. Pray not that there'll be no temptations (because it is never possible). Pray not that others won't like your boyfriend. But pray that God is blessing your relationship. Pray that whoever you are in love now would be the man that God wants for you. And of course, pray that you are the woman your guy deserves too! haha. Seriously! make sure that both of you pray the same! :D

5.) SPACE.

That overused statement "I need space". I remember having a fight with my partner and telling him "I need space." And he'd tell me, "what for? is our space/distance not enough?" It made me laugh! But really. Not because you are in a relationship should mean that you must always be together or head to the same paths. Sometimes, it helps a lot when you have different interests because you can learn from each other. Always try to bring out the good of the other. Encourage each other to succeed in his/her own goals and be supportive. 


Always have something to look forward to. Look forward to the next time you'll be together. Look forward to future trips you so long ago planned, look forward to more happy memories. Look forward to be with him again. <3

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